All fees are described below. Simply pay for your training month to month (or longer, if you choose) and come train in as many classes as you wish.

Aikido Daiwa was not established to be a money making business. There are no long term contracts, no black belt clubs, and no exorbitant testing fees. All fees and dues are applied to the expenses of running the dojo. None of the instructors are paid, including the chief instructor. All teachers volunteer their time.

Membership Dues

Membership dues support the existence of the dojo, and are not simple payments in exchange for martial arts instruction. The rates are unrelated to the number of times per month a student attends practice.

Adult$125Monthly dues for an adult
Student$100Monthly dues for full-time college student
Child/Teen$65Monthly dues for child/teen ages 8-18
Child$45Monthly dues for child ages 4-7, Monday evening class only
Adult + Child/Teen$160Monthly dues for an adult and a child/teen (living at same address)
Family$200Maximum monthly membership dues for a family (living at same address)
Birankai Dues$40Annual dues to Birankai NA for adult/student members

The dojo is open every day (except holidays) and you may train as often as you like.

Introductory Special

Adult Introductory Special$50First month of training - includes free light weight uniform

Uniforms and Weapons

Uniforms and training weapons (bokken, jo, and tanto) are available at the dojo. For prices please call the dojo.


Occasionally the dojo holds seminars with special guest teachers. Students are encouraged to attend, but it is not mandatory. When we schedule one of these events, attendees of the training may be asked to contribute a fee - usually between $45 to $120 - to help defray the costs of the instructor's expenses and honorarium.

Refund Policy

Aikido Daiwa has a no-refund policy. Any inquires should be directed to the Chief Instructor.

If it becomes necessary to be away from the dojo for any length of time please make your intentions known to the office. Leaves of absence are granted only on advance notification.

For additional information please contact the dojo at




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